The 2nd H2 Market Insights

“Hydrogen – Future Becomes the Present”

▶ April 14th (Thu), 2022 [#325, EXCO] – Korean Time

[Plenary Session] Global H2 Market Status and Prospect
Moderator: Prof. Chinho Park, Vice President for Research, KENTECH
14:30~14:33 05' Opening Remarks
Chinho Park (Vice President for Research, KENTECH)
14:33~14:36 03' Congratulatory Speech
Jaedo Moon (Chairman, H2KOREA)
14:36~14:38 02' Congratulatory Speech
Seungdae Lee (Director, Daegu Metropolitan City)
14:38~14:40 02' Congratulatory Speech
Seungwook Han (President, The Korean Society for Energy)
14:40~14:50 10' Opening Ceremony
14:50~15:20 30' [Keynote speech] Clean Hydrogen: Separating Hype from Reality
Ali Izadi (Head of APAC Research, Bloomberg NEF)
15:20~15:40 20' International Actions Facilitating H2 Trade in a Carbon Constrained World
Tim Karlsson (Executive Director, Int’l Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE))
15:40~16:00 20' Concept for the Sustainable Supply of Industrialized Countries with "Green Hydrogen" from External Producer Regions
Jörg Bagdahn (President, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences)
16:00~16:20 20' H2 Market Trends and Outlook in Singapore
Miguel Laburu (Vice President, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore)
16:20~16:40 20' Low carbon hydrogen: a credible opportunity for the industry (Focused on Australia)
Prakash Sharma (Asia Pacific head of markets and transitions, Wood Mackenzie)
16:40~16:55 15' Carbon-neutrality and H2 Industry Trends in Spain
Carbon-neutrality and H2 Industry Trends in Spain
16:55~17:35 40' [Panel Discussions / Q&A]

▶ April 15th (Fri), 2022 [#325, EXCO] – Korean Time

Trends and Market Strategies in the Green Hydrogen Industry
Moderator: Jonghyun Jang, Principal Research Scientist, KIST
10:15~10:20 05' Opening remarks
Dr. Jonghyun Jang (Principal Research Scientist, KIST)
10:20~10:40 20' Understanding and Prospects of European Green Hydrogen Industry
Ralf Wehrspohn (President, German Lithium Institute)
10:40~10:45 05' Q & A
10:45~11:05 20' Development of AEM Electrolysis at Hanwha Solutions
Hoon Taek Chung (Executive Vice President, Hanwha Solutions)
11:05~11:10 05' Q & A
11:10~11:30 20' Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Green Production for Export/ ACWA Power Perspective
Andrea Lovato (Global Head of Hydrogen, ACWA Power)
11:30~11:35 05' Q & A
11:35~11:55 20' Global Electrolysis Trend and SK Ecoplant’s Business Strategy
Seoung Hwan Oh (Vice President, SK Ecoplant)
11:55~12:00 05' Q & A
Hydrogen Storage and Infrastructure
Moderator: Raesang Park, General Manager, KAIA
13:00~13:05 05' Opening remarks
Raesang Park (General Manager, KAIA)
13:05~13:25 20' Liquefied Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fueling Station
Soon Keun Sohn (Vice President, Hyosung)
13:25~13:30 05' Q & A
13:30~13:50 20' POSCO Hydrogen Business Vision and Strategy
Taehyung Kim (Director, POSCO)
13:50~13:55 05' Q & A
13:55~14:15 20' The Strategies or Hydrogen Business In Marine Sector
Yeobum Youn (Senior Researcher, Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering)
14:15~14:20 05' Q & A
14:20~14:40 20' Instruction of Hydrogen Demonstration City and Hydrogen City Act
Raesang Park (General Manager, KAIA)
14:40~14:50 10' Q & A / Closing Remarks
※ Please note that the schedule and speakers may be subject to change depending on the circumstances.
※ All sessions provide simultaneous interpretation.

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