2022 H2MI) Online Participation
Name 관리자 Date 2022-04-12
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H2 MARKET INSIGHTS 2022 Online Participation

Thank you for your interest in H2MI.

You can participate in H2MI even though you are not in Korea.

Please follow the instruction below.

1. Visit our website (www.h2mi.co.kr)

2. Register and your account.

3. Go to the main page and click E-CONFERENCE.

4. Log in 

You can easily download the overall files which speakers would present with by clicking the name of files.

* But please notice that we distribute the files allowed by presenter.

* If you have further queations, contact us to +82-53-601-5381 or +82-53-601-5380.

pre "H2MI" is coming! (April 28~29)
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